Veterans First Foundation’s Military-To-Civilian Transition Checklist

Veterans First Foundation’s Military-To-Civilian Transition Checklist

1. Register DD-214 at Courthouse with your local VSO

2. Submit a financial application at your closest VA Hospital to qualify for VA care.

3. Find a Job or enroll in College so your transition is smoother and you don’t fall into a funk. Find the G.I. Bill Rep. at your College’s admission office.

4. Take some time for yourself in getting your things in order before jumping into relationships, have it. Be romantic or platonic.

5. Stay out of situations that could get you into trouble. Don’t throw away everything you worked so hard for.

6. Get connected with V.A. Counseling groups, ie: PTSD, Alcohol/NA or just basic veteran’s support groups. Camaraderie is important for you transition properly.

7. Find a local VFW, you don’t have to join. Just see what it has to offer.

8. If you have a hard time adjusting, reach out. Don’t turn to alcohol or drugs. Too many of our brothers and sisters end up as barstools.

9. Don’t alienate Family/Friends.

10. Keep a routine and stay busy, but remember you have time, there’s no rush in figuring out everything right away. Set a list of goals and stick to them!

Michael Fitzgerald-USMC

Assistant Director