Custom Orders

Our Country has become depressingly complacent in appeasing to everyone’s feelings, aggressively ridiculous in our opinion.  It’s time to harden up and put Americans first again. Let’s get patriotic and forget all the p.c. and hateful rhetoric being thrown around. Our apparel is made by veterans and 1st-responders because we all put in the sweat as the backbone of this Country! Step into our next-gen apparel and be proud to be American! All products have a lifetime warranty against wear and tear. Our “ No Man Left Behind” guarantee shields you from any & all worry. Be the envy of all your friends and family with our top tier products, we are thee premier brand!

This collection is for custom orders. If you have a custom shirt idea please reach out and we will draw it up for $10 upfront fee. Just click on “Art” purchase it and reach out with your idea. Keep in mind each print area is $5.