Veterans First Foundation

Who We Are

The Veterans First Foundation is a Veteran Affairs approved Non-Profit Charity. Many Veterans are forgotten in our streets, some because their pride precludes them from seeking help but mostly due to the Veteran lacking the understanding of the services that are in place for them. There’s no worse feeling than serving your Country and then being forgotten in the cold mean streets. Our Foundation knows first hand as it’s founded and operated by Veterans. It is our mission to combat homelessness by locating those at risk or those already populating the streets. Our Foundation is also in place to provide Veterans access to food, shoes and hygiene items. We provide Veterans with Volunteer help to help maintain their home, their yard and even help with decorating during the Holidays. Need help with past-due utility bills? We also help with that. Need help to get enrolled in the VA? Look below for a full list of available services offered by our Foundation. We also assist in helping Veterans get into programs that will be most benevolent to their needs. Find out more about our services below or visit our Donations Page to find out how you can help support our cause.


The Veterans First Foundation is focused on providing assistance with a variety of things to veterans in need. From assistance paying utility-bills to preventive homelessness and home searches, we're there for our veterans every step of the way. We offer the following services and more.